Children are our best investment. Music – it’s a life skill.

Rent an upright piano for your next special occasion to make the perfect event.

Movie set rentals also available.

Music to Make Any Occasion Special

For A Special Event

We have short-term, daily or weekly rental rates for special occasions such as weddings, music recitals as well as corporate and private events in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Depending upon the event, and if you have any accompanying instruments, a piano will create a warm, inviting and invigorating atmosphere.

For Films, Commercials & Movie Sets

Old upright pianos and a player piano are available for shooting commercials and film rentals. When you're filming a period piece, a piano was a common as a television is today. Ensure your set fits the time.

As B.C.'s largest music and dance teaching school we require a lot of pianos. Before we owned our own pianos we rented exclusively from Meister Piano Rentals. We found that Meister always had the pianos we needed, excellent customer service and very competitive rental rates. We always recommend Meister Piano Rentals to our own students and have heard many positive comments about the excellent service they offer. We are very confident in recommending Meister Piano Rentals to anyone as the service we have received has been so outstanding.
Valerie Beckford - Academy of Music & Dance