Piano Moving

Renovating, downsizing or relocating, a piano is a heavy musical instrument to move.
We don’t recommend you try
it yourself.
Free piano moving estimate.

Aabec is one of the most reliable and trustworthy movers. He's a careful mover.
- N. Martin, Heritage Pianos

Piano Rental

Set the right mood at your event by renting an upright piano for your entertaining. We also rent pianos for movie sets.
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Piano Moving & Piano Rental Throughout Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley

On moving day, it's the piece of furniture movers leave to the last. It's heavy, yet delicate. And, it's often the oldest thing you own in your house.

The piano was once as commonplace in our homes as the computer is today. Despite technology, music never dates. We still know the names of famous pianists like Mozart, Beethoven, Gould, Peterson and Charles.

Whether in the womb, or an early age, the value of music in a child's development is instrumental. Support music education in your home and schools.